If you're looking for authentic, personalized service over taking a number; handmade quality over mass produced and generic; and unique, timeless pieces you will continue to wear for years to come…

Welcome, you’re in the right place!

          I’m Emily, owner, designer and one woman show over here at JewelryLush. My mission is to offer you exceptional customer service and high quality, unique jewelry that brings elegance and ease to your everyday style.

          JewelryLush started with a miniature pair of pliers and the thought of “hmmmm… maybe I can make stuff…” Which turned into a hobby, then passion and next thing I knew, I had my own jewelry business.
          Over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate the patient process and methods which go into making a piece of jewelry completely by hand. Jewelry making is something that continues to equally challenge and satisfy, while helping me evolve personally and as a designer. 

          Each piece is lovingly handcrafted for you in Vancouver, Washington using only the highest quality ethically sourced gemstones and hypoallergenic, nickel free metals.

          I promise to deliver you affordable, quality jewelry with prompt, personalized service everyday.

-Emily Humphreys

Owner & Designer

Contact me anytime at: